Trading Group one



is an international trading company that particularly focuses on partnerships in the wholesale sector, as well as services related to marketing, sales, mediation, acquisition of new customers, market expansion, and consultation for various product areas.

We assist our business partners with all tasks related to import, export, and marketing. This includes regulatory processing, solutions for local transportation and storage, and a distribution of goods tailored to the local market.

As partners, we also provide guidance in brokering joint ventures and existing investment projects for foreign investors in these markets. The close collaboration with specialized partners on-site, along with our linguistic and cultural expertise, are advantages we leverage to facilitate the efficient market entry for our trading partners into target markets.

For our clients, this reduces risks and establishes a practical path to benefit from untapped growth markets worldwide.

We provide comprehensive and detailed advice to our clients, offering flexible solutions, short decision-making processes, and an exclusive service.

The pursuit of the highest customer satisfaction is always our goal.





Expanding into new and untapped markets poses a challenge for companies. In addition to linguistic, legal, and cultural hurdles, establishing a local presence is usually associated with significant effort. Trading Group One is your strong partner both domestically and internationally. With our personalized consultation, we assist you:

  • Marketing and distribution development for exclusive products
  • Consultation in all phases of market entry
  • Acquisition of customers and products in and from the target market
  • Acquisition of representatives and establishment of a local sales team
  • Identification of partners, dealers, and suppliers in the mentioned trade regions
  • Import/export processing
  • Partner search for joint ventures
  • On-site management
  • Legal assistance and security concerning contracts, taxes, and trademark protection through our attorneys
  • Professional marketing strategy with a local marketing agency
  • Clarification of legal and logistical framework conditions
  • Distribution of your products in wholesale and retail

Trading Group One looks forward to receiving your emails and inquiries for partnerships and collaborations. We are actively seeking global distributors and agents for our products for long-term and exclusive cooperation.